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Arm yourself with information by learning what qualifies as a case

Proving sexual harassment in the workplace can be difficult. Direct evidence may be hard to obtain, and co-workers may not be willing to speak on your behalf.

Some actions you may think qualify as sexual harassment may not be illegal. For example, sex discrimination lawyers in South Carolina know that offhand remarks and innocent behavior such as asking an employee out on a date are generally not considered sexual harassment.

But if you’ve been subjected to unwelcome and sexually-suggestive talk, advances, pictures, physical contact or humor that gets in the way of your work performance, creates a hostile work environment or affects your employment status in any way, you may have been the victim of sexual harassment.

Quid pro quo — a Latin term meaning “this for that” — is one of the most prevalent types of sexual harassment. It occurs when a boss, supervisor or someone with authority over you demands or hints that you must provide sexual favors in exchange for being hired, keeping your job or getting a promotion.

Track the sexual harassment incidents

Taking a few important steps as soon as you’ve experienced sexual harassment can benefit your case tremendously down the line.

Whether such actions are subtle and psychological or overt and physical, it’s important to speak with qualified sex discrimination attorneys in Greenville, SC as soon as possible.

Don’t delay reaching out to us if you think you’ve been sexually harassed

Making a sexual harassment case stick can be tricky. But that doesn’t make what has happened to you any less real or hurtful. That’s why you need a proven sexual harassment attorney to make a strong case for you.

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