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Disability Discrimination

Greenville Disability Discrimination Lawyer

South Carolina employment law attorney representing victims of disability discrimination

When you can do the job, you should not be denied an opportunity or removed from your position because of a disability. Moreover, most employers are required by law to make reasonable accommodations so that you can carry out your daily work. If you believe that you’re a victim of workplace bias, the Mann Law Firm can help. John Mann is an accomplished Greenville, South Carolina disability discrimination lawyer with decades of experience.

What rights do employees with disabilities have in South Carolina?

Along with the ability to receive an education and fair housing treatment, South Carolina residents with disabilities have the right to equal treatment in hiring decisions. Once they are on the job, they are entitled to a workplace that is free from bias, harassment and retaliation based on their physical or mental condition.

Examples of disability discrimination in South Carolina

Common examples of disability discrimination in South Carolina include:

  • Refusal to interview, hire or promote a disabled person
  • Harassment of a disabled employee
  • Lack of accommodations and access at work
  • Requests for medical examinations or records before offering employment

Attorney John Mann can review your situation and advise if you have been unlawfully discriminated against by an employer.

Accommodations South Carolina companies can take to prevent disability discrimination

The Americans with Disabilities Act requires most employers to make reasonable accommodations in order to prevent disability and pregnancy discrimination. In most cases, there are ways that businesses can adapt to give people with the following conditions the chance to earn a living:

  • Paralysis
  • Deafness
  • Blindness
  • Speech impairment
  • Development disabilities
  • Non-functioning limbs

Specific accommodations might include training opportunities, written policies, access ramps, special equipment and other flexible scheduling.

What does a Greenville disability discrimination lawyer need to prove?

To succeed in a disability discrimination case, you need to prove the following:

  • Your employer was aware of your disability
  • You have an actual or perceived disability
  • You were treated less favorably than others in a similar position who do not have a disability
  • You are able to perform the duties of the job with reasonable accommodations

If you believe you are the victim of disability discrimination in South Carolina, it is important to collect as much supportive evidence as possible. Witness accounts, recordings or notes concerning harmful verbal statements about your disability, medical records and electronic communications can be critical in these cases.

What remedies are available for victims of disability discrimination?

As an experienced SC workplace discrimination lawyer, John Mann can guide you through the process of filing a discrimination claim with the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission or federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In many cases, employers are willing to offer a fair settlement once they realize a worker is represented by an experienced attorney. If you are not pleased with the offer, you can pursue appropriate remedy through an administrative action or litigation The result might be an order requiring your employer to maintain or restore your position while providing reasonable accommodations.

Other relief you could receive in a disability discrimination claim against your employer includes:

  • Reimbursement for attorney fees
  • Back pay for the time missed at work
  • Institution of new workplace policies to prevent future discrimination
  • Punitive damages

You should speak with an attorney regarding the best forum for your claim as well the differences between federal anti-discrimination provisions and the South Carolina Human Affairs Law.

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