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Pregnancy Discrimination

South Carolina Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer Assists Victims

Firm pursues remedies for women who have faced job mistreatment

At Mann Law Firm, attorney John Mann is a Greenville, SC pregnancy discrimination lawyer who is a strong advocate for the rights of women who seek fair workplace treatment before and after their baby is born. For 30 years, the firm has achieved exceptional results for clients in a wide range of workplace discrimination claims.

How common is pregnancy discrimination?

Though pregnancy is a temporary condition, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has received more than 2,500 pregnancy discrimination complaints annually for each of the last 10 years. The federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 (PDA) amended Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to include discrimination against women who are expecting within that law’s prohibition on bias based on a worker’s sex. Enacted in 2018, the South Carolina Pregnancy Accommodations Act requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations to workers who are pregnant or have a medical condition related to childbirth. Specific examples of accommodations include relief from heavy lifting and a private space for nursing mothers who need to express milk during a work break.

What is pregnancy discrimination in the workplace?

Various specific instances of employer misconduct might violate the laws barring pregnancy discrimination, including:

  • Failing to hire a woman because she is pregnant or intends to have children in the future
  • Asking questions about whether an employee or job applicant is expecting a child or planning to have one
  • Failing to give a pregnant woman time off for medical appointments related to her condition
  • Demoting a worker or refusing to consider her for a promotion because she is, or might soon be, pregnant
  • Refusing to provide reasonable accommodations, such as lighter physical duties, to someone carrying a child, recovering from childbirth or lactating
  • Allowing a hostile work environment where a woman is subjected to severe or pervasive offensive behavior targeted at her pregnancy

As an experienced Greenville employment attorney, John Mann can apply the relevant legal standards to the facts in your case and outline what relief might be available.

What are the effects of pregnancy discrimination?

The effects of pregnancy discrimination can last long beyond the date when a victim’s child is born. Losing out on a job or being forced to quit because of unfair treatment could prevent a woman from maximizing her earning potential and increase the financial pressure on her and her family. In certain instances, strenuous physical work might harm a pregnant employee or the child she’s carrying. Employers must refrain from making hiring decisions and other personal choices based on a woman’s pregnancy status and should be aware of the accommodations that are required if one of their workers is expecting.

How do you prove pregnancy discrimination?

Depending on your circumstances, you may wish to file a complaint with the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission (SCHAC) or the EEOC. As in other types of workplace discrimination claims, these filings can serve as a precursor to litigation if the problem is not resolved. You have 180 days from the date of the alleged misconduct to initiate a case with the SCHAC. The EEOC deadline is 300 days. Mann Law Firm thoroughly reviews the facts to present the strongest argument possible and counter employers’ assertions that their actions were based on nondiscriminatory grounds.

Can you sue for pregnancy discrimination in South Carolina?

If you cannot obtain satisfactory relief through negotiations or administrative action, you can file a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit. Potential remedies could include compensation for the income you lost, damages for physical and mental harm and, if you were terminated for being pregnant, perhaps restoration of your job.

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The Mann Law Firm advocates on behalf of South Carolina women who have been victimized by pregnancy discrimination. Please call 864-326-0535 or contact the firm online to set up a free telephone consultation at the firm’s Greenville office.

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