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A Long-Time Employment Attorney in Greenville

Nearly three decades of fighting employers who violate employment laws

The Mann Law Firm is a full-service employment law firm that battles employment injustice in Greenville and throughout South Carolina. Discrimination and harassment lawyer John P. Mann focuses on:

  • Wage and Hour Issues
  • Government Workers
  • Workplace Discrimination
  • Workplace Injuries
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Construction Accidents

Wage and Hour

Employers’ failure to pay properly as specified by law is one of the great injustices that the Mann Law Firm fights. Often it often makes more sense to prosecute these cases as class action lawsuits than as individual ones.

Typical lawsuits involve refusal to pay for “off-the-clock” work, minimum wage violations and failure to reimburse workers for expenses and uniforms.

Government Workers

Employees who work for local, state or federal government agencies are protected by specific laws. The Mann Law Firm guides those workers through grievance procedures that can end in administrative hearings, local school board proceedings or government courts.

John Mann has represented public school teachers, police officers and numerous other government employees during decades of service in Greenville.

Workplace Discrimination

Although you may be intimidated by on-the-job prejudice, hiring a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer to combat it can empower you. Discrimination attorney John P. Mann vigorously defends clients who have experienced discrimination for various reasons, including their:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Disability
  • Race
  • Religion
  • National origin

Sexual Harassment

This form of discrimination happens when sexually suggestive talk, a sexual advance, suggestive pictures, physical contact or humor unreasonably interferes with work performance, creates a hostile work environment or otherwise negatively affects a person’s employment.

It may be subtle and psychological or obvious and physical. Regardless, the Mann Law Firm can work to make the situation right legally and get you the compensation and peace of mind you deserve.

Wrongful Termination

When an employer fires an employee based on discrimination, retaliation, fraud or violation of a signed or implied contract, wrongful termination lawyers in South Carolina know that it’s illegal and punishable under the law.

Various legal options exist for wrongful termination victims. The Mann Law Firm can help you to determine if you should pursue a lawsuit against your former employer and seek damages including lost wages and emotional distress.

Workers’ Compensation

There are an infinite number of possible injuries covered by workers’ compensation. People are injured on the job every day and suffer injuries ranging from minor sprains to permanent health threats.

At the Mann Law Firm, we are on your side and fight to get you the compensation and treatment you deserve for your injuries.

Workplace Injuries

Most jobs in South Carolina require using your hands, whether you’re typing on a computer, writing down information, answering the phone, doing construction work or working on a factory assembly line. Likewise, foot injuries hamper mobility and become a hindrance to getting work done.

Companies in Greenville are required by law to carry workers’ compensation, which covers many types of work related injuries ─ hand, foot, head injuries ─ you name it.

Construction Accidents

According the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), four types of accidents, which OSHA calls the “fatal four,” top the list which include falls, struck by objects, electrocutions and caught in or between something.

On-the-job injury is common in construction work, simply because it’s a high risk occupation. The Mann Law Firm, P.A. can provide you with seasoned legal guidance.

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