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Appealing Workers’ Compensation Claims

Effective Greenville Lawyer Handles Workers’ Comp Appeals

Accomplished firm helps South Carolina injury victims overturn unfair denials

Having your application for workers’ compensation benefits denied puts you and your family in a difficult position. Medical bills can accumulate quickly, and if you’re not able to work, supporting yourself can seem impossible. Fortunately, a negative decision at the initial stage can be overturned. Located in Greenville, the Mann Law Firm asserts the rights of South Carolina workers before the state’s Workers’ Compensation Commission. Whether you’ve been rejected due to questions about the origin of your injury, a dispute over your medical treatment, or a failure to complete paperwork properly, attorney John Mann can correct any problems and make the strongest possible case for a reversal so you have access to the benefits you deserve.

Thorough attorney delivers strong guidance throughout the appeal process

After an adverse determination of a compensation claim, our firm will make a detailed review of the circumstances surrounding your injury and claim rejection. In a free telephone consultation, Greenville workers comp attorney John Mann will outline the steps in the South Carolina appeal process, including:

  • Requesting a hearing — When a denied claimant requests a hearing, one member of the Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC) reviews the available facts and can order a medical examination. We represent clients at WCC hearings and question testifying doctors so that you can obtain an appropriate order.
  • Commission review — If the order is not satisfactory, you can submit another appeal to the full Workers’ Compensation Commission. This appeal must be filed within 14 days of receiving the order issued by the single commissioner.
  • Filing with Court of Appeals and the South Carolina Supreme Court — After a negative decision from the WCC, we can advise you whether seeking relief in the South Carolina Court of Appeals is a reasonable option. After that, the final possible arbiter is the state’s Supreme Court.

At every stage, we collect the evidence needed to present the strongest possible argument on your behalf. By giving you honest, effective counsel, we ensure you have a full understanding of the legal standards and the possibility of receiving benefits either through a reversal or a favorable settlement agreement.

Contact a Greenville lawyer for a phone consultation on a workers’ compensation appeal.

The Mann Law Firm handles appeals of denied benefits for South Carolina clients who have been injured on the job or suffered a work-related illness. Please call 864-326-0535 or contact the firm online for a free telephone consultation regarding your possible appeal. The firm’s office is in Greenville.

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